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Hero's Strength (Warrior)
Continent: Qalia
Zone: Tehatamani Harbor
Quest Giver: Shabaqen Haashqo
Quest Concluder: Lord Neferset
Level Req: 48 Small Group
Prerequiste Quest: Templar Rank
Following Quest: Templar Rank
Sphere: Adventuring
Positive Faction: None
Negative Faction: None


[edit] Quest Description

Shabaqen says, "Several of our paladins recently traveled to the ancient tomb of Nusibe to pay their respects to the long dead. There they found that many of the dead have been forced back into a parody of life. One among the spirits of the dead told them of a relic that the Xakrin have stolen from his tomb, and without it, he cannot rest. Retrieve the relic fragments from the Xakrin and deliver them to the spirit in Nusibe."

[edit] Quest Summary

Travel to the two pyramids Shabaqen has marked on your map and retrieve the relic fragments from the Xakrin there; then deliver those fragments to the spirit in Nusibe.

[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Locations

[edit] Detailed Information (Spoilers)

[edit] Walkthrough

You can likely obtain the fragments from an assortment of Xakrin at both tombs, however I confirmed the following:

[edit] Concluding Dialogue

Lord Neferset says "Mortals, why do you disturb the tomb of the honored dead of Nusibe?"

Lord Neferset says, "Ah, the Emperor will be pleased to have this returned. He has ordered that those that returned this be rewarded with the blessed fragment. Do not let the deaths of the spirits of Nusibe trouble your conscience. Their deaths are painless and fleet, and they soon return once more to this unlife we have been cursed with."

[edit] Quest Rewards

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