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0 The Fire Pillars of Frostshard Lake

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The Fire Pillars of Frostshard Lake
Continent: Thestra
Zone: Falgarholm
Quest Giver: Carmella Osteria
Quest Concluder: Carmella Osteria
Level Req: 32
Prerequiste Quest: The Monoliths of Falgarholm
Following Quest: None
Sphere: Adventuring
Positive Faction: None
Negative Faction: None


[edit] Quest Description

Carmella says, "What is even more amazing than the Fire Pillars' monumental bulk is the fact that they have never stopped burning."

"Sometimes, an ember falls from one of the fires. Unfortunately, the Bloodfist ogres and followers of Torkald make it difficult to gather the embers for study. Kill your way to any fallen embers you find, and bring them to me."

"Also, visit the center of each fire pillar to marvel at their construction. They show no signs of weakness even after thousands of years."

[edit] Quest Summary

Visit the centers of each of th two Fire Pillars near Frostshard Lake. Slay Bloodfist ogres and followers or Torkald. Collect fallen embers. Bring the fallen embers to Carmella Osteria at the Northern Border.

[edit] Quest Objectives

  • Visit the Southwest Fire Pillar
  • Visit the Northeast Fire Pillar
  • Bloodfist Ogres Slain (0/25)
  • Followers of Torkald Slain (0/30)
  • Fallen Ember (0/5)

[edit] Locations

[edit] Detailed Information (Spoilers)

[edit] Detailed Locations

Your journal will have the spot of both fire pillars marked on it or you can reach them directly at:

Southwest Fire Pillar -41900, -19600, 41377
Northeast Fire Pillar 1200, -61200, 1187

[edit] Concluding Dialogue

Carmella says, "You have done it."

"Now, let's see if we can't determine the fuel used in the Fire Pillars."

"These embers are magical, as I suspected. I'm not mage, but I can make some guesses about their origins."

"I wonder if there are giant magical trees inside the Fire Pillars... such that as they grow, they slowly burn."

"Or maybe there is a magic coating on the Pillars that sloughs off from time to time, as its strength is exhausted."

"Hmm... what a fun puzzle!"

"Anyway, thank you, (your name). You may have given me everything I need to solve some long-standing mysteries."

[edit] Quest Rewards

  • Experience
  • 10 Silver
  • Choice of one of the following:

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