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Continent: Kojan
Zone: Tanvu
Map Location: Centre of zone
Faction: The City of Tanvu
Access Condition: Free
Quest Givers: Y
Crafting Stations: Y
Vendors: Y
Trainers: Y
Broker: {{{Broker}}}
Banker: {{{Banker}}}
Pronunciation: Tan-vu
Transport: Ship to Tawar Galan, Ship to Martok
Missives: {{{Missives}}}
Mailbox: {{{Mailbox}}}
Bind Stone:


[edit] Description

Major town for Kojani humans and Half-Elves.

[edit] Official Description

Great artifacts lay undisturbed in the ruins beyond the imperial city of Tanvu where Kojani Humans and Half-Elves work side-by-side trying to restore the glory of their city.

[edit] Detailed Information (Spoilers)

[edit] Quest NPCs

[edit] Bankers

  • Eikoa and Anoji (36498, -18533, 4231) are the bankers in the downstairs western room of the Autumn House.

[edit] Trainers

[edit] Merchants

[edit] Light Armor

  • Fan Hai (36871, -20560, 4771) is outside of the Autumn House.
  • Bak Sui

[edit] Medium Armor

  • Chi Sau (34310, -28467, 3473) is opposite the northern Tanvu Castle gate.
  • Beni Ake (40669, -22164, 4612) is just up the hill to the east of the Autumn House in Tanvu castle

[edit] Heavy Armor

  • Atsukoji (47685, -48369, 2120)
  • Bach Yan (33360, -22410, 3451) is opposite the western Tanvu Castle gate.
  • Desh (41615, -20949, 4614)
  • Fu Tse (40845, -40640, 3598)

[edit] Weapons

  • Eba Dau (40638, -58977, 2086) is in a building just inside the northern limits of Tanvu town.
  • Ah Fong

[edit] Ranged Weapons

  • Kobo (31005, -21801, 3444) is on the southern side of the western Tanvu Castle gate.
  • Arai Haun
  • Isa Ju

[edit] General Goods

[edit] Crafter NPCs

[edit] Other NPCs

[edit] Farmers

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