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[edit] General Description

The psionicist is a great class for those who like to control the flow of battle. The psionicist has many mind control abilities at their disposal that allow them to direct a mob's attention where the psionicist would like. Besides a traditional mesmerization skill, the psionicist can fool a mob into fighting a cloned illusion of itself, charm a mob to fight another, or cause a mob to increase or decrease its hate of the psionicist's defensive target.

Like many other Vanguard classes, the Psionicist can switch between different stances - called concentrations - that focus on different abilities. One such mindset is Phrenic Rage, which focuses on offensive abilities. A Psionicist is also able to bring assorted buffs to a party. For example, a Psionicist may increase an ally's INT & WIS, or enshroud their allies in a barrier of mental energy.

One unique aspect of the Psionicist is advancement; not only do they need to seek trainers, they must also visit relics scattered across Telon called gestalts in order to unlock new skills or upgrade existing abilities.

[edit] Defining Features and Abilities

Psionicists, like all arcane casters, are skilled at dealing damage through spells (in this case, psychic powers). Psionicists:

[edit] Specialization

There is currently no specialization for Psionicists.

[edit] Allowed Races

[edit] Race Choice

Most of these races generally excel in the stats beneficial to Psionicists. In terms of racial abilities though, the Dark Elf and Kojani may be most useful overall.

[edit] Spell and Skill Lists

Time Stop I
Compression Sphere IV
Dementia II
Mind Wipe II
Illusion: Thestran

Simulacrum III
Mental Blast V
Illusion: High Elf

Expansive Mind III
Psionic Barrier I
Suggesion II
Temporal Shift IV
Chronshift I
Mindfire III
Psychic Schism II
Thought Pulse IV
Memory Shift I
Illusion: Qaliathari

Acumen II
Strength of Will II
Enthrall I
Compression Sphere V
Illusion: Varanjar

Union of Thought IV
Psychic Mutation
Time Trick II
Dementia III
Psionic Blast I
Mind Wipe III
Temporal Fracture III

Thought Pulse V
Illusion: Vulmane

Temporal Acceleration I
Psionic Barrier II
Time Stop II
Simulacrum IV
Compression Sphere VI
Temporal Shift V
Chronoshift II
Mindfire IV
Psychic Schism III
Memory Shift II
Illusion: Raki

Expansive Mind IV
Psionic Blast II
Illusion: Kojani

Strength of Will III
Dementia IV
Thought Surge I
Thought Pulse VI
Mind Wipe IV
Illusion: Goblin
Illusion: Wood Elf
Temporal Fracture IV

Union of Thought V
Suggestion III
Compression Sphere VII

Acumen III
Mindspy: Defense
Psionic Barrier III
Mutation Shield
Enthrall III
Temporal Shift VI
Chronoshift III
Mindfire V
Psionic Blast III
Psychic Schism IV
Memory Shift III
Illusion: Mordebi
Illusion: Orc

Simulacrum V
Thought Pulse VII
Illusion: Kurashasa

Expansive Mind V
Mindspy: Preservation
Time Stop III
Time Trick III
Compression Sphere VIII
Dementia V
Thought Surge II
Mind Wipe V
Illusion: Half Elf

Strength of Will IV
Illusion: Dark Elf

Second Sight I
Temporal Acceleration II
Phantom Thought I
Union of Thought VI
Vast Psyche
Mindspy: Aggression
Psionic Barrier IV
Temporal Shift VII
Chronoshift IV
Mindfire VI
Psychic Schism V
Thought Pulse VIII
Memory Shift IV

[edit] Talents

[edit] Melee Abilities

[edit] Magical Schools

[edit] General

[edit] Attribute Focus

Like most arcane casters, Psionicists would do best to focus on Intelligence and Wisdom. While most casters also benefit a great deal from Vitality, Psionicists can steal energy from opponents with the Thought Thief concentration.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Armor

First Aid

[edit] Development Background

E3 coverage about the Psionicist at WarCry (directly taken from [1])

The Psionicist is a class that is a bit different from your general high fantasy fair. They are spell casters who do not use an unseen force to work their magic, but instead they use the very power of their mind to perform wondrous deeds and to destroy their enemies. Considering their placement in the world of Telon—that is, Kojan and Qalia—they will likely bring in more Eastern flavor with them as well.

While at E3 this year, I was able to get some information on this more unusual class from David Forrest, one of the main gameplay programmers at Sigil Games Online, who was also able to provide information on a few other classes as well. He was able to give some insight into the abilities that the Psionicist possesses, outside of the straight forward damage spells.

The Psionicist has a number of crowd control spells, which many in the community having taken an interest in. Vanguard seems to lack a ‘true’ crowd-control based class, but from the sound of it, the Psionicist will be able to provide plenty of crowd control options for groups.

The Psionicist has a spell that can be used to take a target into a different ‘time slice’—essentially, it is a mez. The interesting feature of this spell is that, if it is broken, the enemy does not fully return immediately and they suffer a snare effect. According to David Forrest, sometimes you may want it to break, just to gain that effect.

Along with this, there is a line of spells which are essentially clone spells. That is, it creates a copy of the target (likely within their mind), which then begins to attack the creature, trapping it in an epic battle and distracting it while the group attacks other targets. As a bonus to this ability, the Psionicist has a Mind Wipe spell, which was mentioned to be different than EverQuest’s version, which lowers their aggro with the creature stuck in this battle.

The Psionicist also has a unique ability to enter into a global chat channel with other members of the class. While that is not new information, when discussing this, it seems that it is activated by using a mana-regen buff. In fact, the Psionicist is the main class for mind-regeneration. The Psionicist even has a concentration (like a stance) called Thought Thief that allows them to, instead of doing physical damage, damage the mana of opponents and regenerate their own. The class also has an endurance heal that can be cast on the party, but when in this concentration, it allows them to cast a mana heal instead. This means that when a Psionicist is in combat, they can be doing damage, but they can also be stealing mana from the opponents and regenerating the mana (or endurance) for themselves and party members.

As many MMOs show, when pulling a mob, sometimes you can’t be sure how many you will grab. Sometimes you might end up with quite a few mobs chasing after you—and your party isn’t likely going to be fond of that. The Psionicist, however, can read minds. While they may not be able to extract everything from a mob, they can find out information such as how to pull, how many will come, and potentially more. Also, the Psionicist can reduce the chance for other creatures to come along with the pulled mob by reducing their awareness—although this is not on an instant recast timer.

It should be remembered that this is an Arcane Caster class. This means that they are damage dealers. However, for anyone who is interested in having a lot of solid and useful utilities to help a group, or someone who longs for a crowd control class, the Psionicist sounds like it will deliver just what you need.

They may be damage dealers, but the Psionicist will be able to perform crowd control, gain information that would be otherwise inaccessible from mobs, help with pulling, buff, and regenerate both endurance and mana. The class sounds like it has a lot of versatility and usefulness to it, and over all, I imagine quite a few groups who would be happy to have a Psionicist aboard.

[edit] Further Information


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