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Welcome to the Vanguard Wiki. Today is Sunday, August 28. 2016. Users have currently contributed 12,205 articles.

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Welcome to the Silky Venom Vanguard wikipedia, your one-stop reference resource for the systems and secrets of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and the world of Telon. Feel free to browse the categories above, or to use the search function to jump straight to the information you're interested in.

This wikipedia is a collaborative community effort, and you're free to add information to any article. As well as editing, you can even add pages of your own! To edit the Wiki, you must first register on the Silky Venom forums. Then you can log in to the Wiki using your Silky Venom id and start contributing.

If you have questions, check out the Help menu, the Quick Tips For Adding Pages, or the Recommended Templates.

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A Warning About Spoilers

A wiki such as this will inevitably contain spoiler information. However, contributors are encouraged to use headings when constructing articles containing detailed spoiler information. After a general introduction to the content of the article, such as the location and lore of a dungeon or zone, please place a heading reading "Detailed Information (Spoilers)". For example, each zone will include at the top of the article the general game map of the area (such as is displayed in the game). Any 'marked up' maps revealing secrets and other locations should be placed below the "Detailed Information (Spoilers)" heading.

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