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Hathor Zhi
Continent: Qalia
Zone: Hathor Zhi
Map Location: -
Faction: Dark Elf
Access Condition:
Quest Givers: Y
Crafting Stations: Y
Vendors: Y
Trainers: Y
Broker: {{{Broker}}}
Banker: {{{Banker}}}
Pronunciation: Hath-or Zee
Transport: N
Missives: No
Mailbox: At the bank
Bind Stone: {{{Bind}}}


[edit] Description

"Make no mistake. Hathor Zhi is no democracy." - Legionnaire Kalljir

A fort of the Dark Elves on the western side of the continent of Qalia, in the zone of the same name. Located within a canyon, Hathor's Sentinel guards the city of Pankor Zhi. It is run by Praefect Vhaerag.

It is the starting location for Dark Elf players.

[edit] Official Description

Within the cavernous city of Hathor Zhi, Dark Elves perfect their magical skills in preparation for their next great raid.

[edit] Detailed Information (Spoilers)

[edit] Vendors

[edit] Outdoor Tents

[edit] Underground

[edit] Trainers

[edit] Adventuring

[edit] Diplomacy

[edit] Crafting

[edit] Quest NPC's

[edit] Other NPC's

[edit] Locations

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